Forecast: Chance of sun and clouds and plent of tasty crisps blowing in from all directions.

Special Web Edition

Vol 209
Nelson, 2019

Proper Teamwork goes into making Proper Crisps

Just what makes our crisps so Proper? Each spud is lovingly hand sorted, scrubbed and trimmed, then sliced to the optimum thickness, and hand-cooked in small batches by talented Proper Chefs like Keegan and Pete… Just before Leanne makes the flavour magic happen! Did you know we blend our own flavours just prior to cooking?The person in charge of each batch is so proud of what they do (and rightly so), that their name is printed on each pack – when the cook changes the name on the pack changes too. So next time you pick up your pack of Proper Crisps, turn the pack around and see what talented Proper Chef made your bag. Let’s give a shout-out to our incredible Production and Warehouse team, without them we couldn’t make our crisps Proper!

Elina Ussher takes Second at Coast to Coast!

Elina Ussher has completed her 14th Kathmandu Coast to Coast this tear, coming a close Second Place in the Women's Longest Day Division. She shared on social media after the race, "Look at the playground we have. Feel the challenge of pushing your limits. Breathe in the freshness of the mountain air.

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Proper Crisps takes out Healthy Food Guide Award 2019!

We are proud to announce that our Marlborough Sea Salt Crunch Corn has won the Healthy Food Guide 2019 Awards, for Crackers and Snacks! The meet the requirements for this award, the team at Health Food Guide carefully analysed the nutrition profile of each entry, and compared it with others in its category. They also check for the X Factor!

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Calendar of Events

  • April 5th, 2019 to April 7th, 2019 The Christchurch Food Show 2019
  • May 24th, 2019 to May 26th, 2019 The Wellington Food Show 2019
  • July 25th, 2019 to July 28th, 2019 The Auckland Food Show 2019